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Managed firewalls

SYS Gladiator firewalls are managed firewalls.

Organisations can outsource their complete firewall operation to us.

We provide a fast, expert, round the clock service with a dedicated team.

Our managed firewalls are for organisations who want high end, industrial strength security coupled with great customer service.

Fault tolerant by default

Most of the SYS Gladiator firewalls are provided as a pair of redundant machines.

The primary firewall shares information about existing connections (including any VPN connections) with the backup firewall. In case the primary firewall fails the backup firewall will seamlessly take over and any interruption to the users is avoided.

One size does not fit all

The SYS Gladiator firewalls are available in several different configurations.

There is always a SYS Gladiator firewall that is suitable for you!

Service levels

  • e-mail only
  • phone support during business hours
  • phone support 24/7

We offer on-site support on request.

Even more than just OpenBSD

SYS Gladiator firewalls are managed firewalls so we have infrastructure that handles many tasks automatically.

Our servers monitor all SYS Gladiator firewalls so we know exactly what is happening. For example we monitor and log hardware status, connection status, blocked packets and bandwidth usage.